Friday, November 07, 2008

Is Russia testing incoming Obama administration

The United States is making overtures to Russia with the START nuclear disarmament treaty due to expire in December 2009, and new moves by Moscow in response to the NATO missile defense shield.

Russia is moving short-range ballistic missiles into its western border regions in response to NATO's anti-ballistic missile system in Polish and Czech territory.

Straits Times

US Sends Russia Proposals
Wall Street Journal - 2 hours ago
By JAY SOLOMON WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration sent Russia proposals aimed at revising a nuclear-disarmament agreement and assuaging Moscow's growing opposition to a US missile-defense system for Europe, according to senior American officials.

Video: Russian Missile Move Challenge to Obama? AssociatedPress
US Makes New Proposals to Russia on Missile Defense, Strategic Arms Voice of America

Straits Times

How Tough-Talking Russia Sees Obama
U.S. News & World Report, DC - 1 hour ago
The relationship between Russia and the United States, despite the fiery rhetoric, is ambiguous. Trade between the countries is healthy, and cooperation in ...
Video: Russia hopes to avoid arms race RussiaToday
EU "deeply concerned" about Russia missile threat International Herald Tribune

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