Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mugabe to present roadmap at ZANU-PF conf.

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mubage is to outline his plan for his country and his ZANU-FP party at its annual conference on Saturday.

Mugabe, who has been under tremendous pressure from the West, vowed on Friday to "never surrender" to calls from foreign nations for his resignation.

"I will never, never, never, never surrender. Zimbabwe is mine, I am a Zimbabwean. Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe never for the British, Britain for the British," the 84-year-old Mugabe said.

Much of the ire against Mugabe in the West is believed related to the conflict between white landowners in the country and poor blacks who have been clamoring for land redistribution.

Among the issues the conference will likely deal with are the recent cholera outbreak, threats to national security both from within and from abroad and problems of corruption within the party.

Times Online
Mugabe to outline way forward at ZANU-PF meet
AFP - 42 minutes ago
BINDURA, Zimbabwe (AFP) - President Robert Mugabe was on Saturday due to outline the way forward for Zimbabwe, as his ZANU-PF party wrapped up its annual conference facing internal divisions and growing global pressure.
Tsvangirai To Mugabe: Release Zimbabwe Abductees Or Power-Sharing Ends Voice of America
Zimbabwe: Mugabe Says Nation Is His New York Times

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